About us

ACTME Technologies offers custom development of software, outsourcing overseas where necessary, to provide high levels of development skill at competitive pricing whilst maintaining a reputation for meeting tight deadlines. Working in numerous programming languages and technologies we can offer a wide range of bespoke software solutions for the most discerning client. ACTME Technologies works closely with clients to develop software tailored to specific business requirements. Coupled with our on-going professional consultancy, our bespoke products are designed to adapt to changing client demands, market variations and technological advances so as to remain long term software solutions.

Why join us

We,using highly experienced software developers, we offers bespoke software and web development. Based on ACTME TECHNOLOGIES we are ideally located to serve the business solutions, and the software and internet needs of companies . Working closely with you, ACTME can help nurture your business infrastructure and, where appropriate, develop the software your company needs to meet its specific IT commitments. ACTME also provide IT Solutions. ACTME has the processes and discipline necessary to ensure your IT systems reliably meet your business needs. Our experienced team and methodical approach produces a high degree of visibility and makes your IT spend and the expected outcomes more predictable.

Our company

We are a web development and design company specializing in eCommerce and custom web applications. We’re fully committed to you and to your project, and our engagement is shown in many ways.We’re as good at communications as we are at technology. We listen before we formulate our strategy to fully understand your requirements. We also pay attention to detail, and stay totally engaged, monitoring a project’s progress and consistently testing at appropriate project stages as well as post launch to make sure our solution is functioning well within your business framework Like many of our clients, we started out as entrepreneurs with limited resources and big ideas and belief in the integrity of our services. We know what it’s like to be in the trenches. We know your customers demand a great user experience from you, and we’re here to make sure you deliver on that expectation.